Breakout: Are You Up For The Challenge?

With over ten different scenarios, there’s an exhilarating escape room for every team

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FANCY doing something a bit different this Christmas? You can’t get much more novel than invading a killer’s lair to discover who murdered your friend - all before the psycho returns... 

Breakout is a fantastic teambuilding exercise and makes for a fun Christmas party alternative

That’s the premise of Breakout’s new ‘Identity’ room and it promises a thrilling experience. As with other Breakout rooms, you’re given 60 minutes to play Sherlock and crack the code before the hour’s up.

Identity may be Breakout’s newest room but it’s certainly not the only one. In fact, there are over ten scenarios to choose from.

The Detective sees you framed as a killer. On the run, you manage to break into the crime scene: can you save yourself and find the real perpetrator? 


In Virus, it’s not only yourself you’re saving but the fate of mankind. The deadly outbreak can be stopped - but only on solving some very unique and ingenious puzzles. 

 The tables are turned in Madchester. A thief, rather than a victim, your burglary is botched when you find yourselves trapped in the bedroom of a keen Manchester paraphernalia fan. The race is on to steal Zack’s prized collection before he comes back.

If you fancy yourself as more of a hero than a criminal, how about stopping a missile strike which could destroy the entire world? Or infiltrating a corrupt prison to save your wrongly incarcerated friend?  

Reclassified and Most Wanted add competition to the mix while, play Vacancy, and you may find yourself locked in an ominous motel room - never to check out again. 

Breakout makes for a fantastic teambuilding exercise - whether with family, friends or colleagues - and it’s a handy winter activity to boot; not to mention a fun alternative to the annual Christmas party. 

Intrigued? Check out the trailer below.

All rooms are grouped into difficulty level and there are two locations, too: Brazennose Street off Albert Square and High Street, next to the Arndale. There’s really no excuse...

Up for the challenge?

To see the rooms and book, click here

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