Oasis 'DNA' Exhibition Opens In Manchester

Yet another exhibition charts the supernova rise of Manchester's most successful band

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SOME Might Say, with the recent cinema release of rockumentary Supersonic and the 'Chasing The Sun' exhibition at Old Granada Studios, our exposure to the Burnage-born brothers in recent weeks has been a bit Full On.

I look at some of the photos now and remember what moods they were really in

But veteran rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky is attempting to Keep The Dream Alive with yet another Oasis exhibition, this time in Manchester's Central Library, which would suggest love for the band is just Gettin' Better (Man!).

A Quick Peep at Furmanovsky's classic images reveal iconic portraits of the Gallagher brothers which Won't Let You Down, plus some early live images and a number of candid behind-the-scenes photos - some of which have never previously been exhibited.

Oasis rehearse before a US tour with U2Oasis rehearse before a US tour with U2

Though it wasn't always easy for Furmanovsky to work with the mercurial brothers, but Little by Little, between they years of 1994 and 2009, the photographer gained the band's trust and was just allowed to Roll With It.

"Noel and Liam were OK with being photographed, but they had short attention spans”, says Furmanovsky. “They didn’t want to hang around for hours, which suited me as a photo-journalist. I work quickly. Maybe that’s why they liked me.

“I look at some of the photos now and remember what moods they were really in - but somehow, I usually managed to persuade them to pose for me.

“I had the sense that Noel thought it was important to document everything that was going on at that time – it was all happening so incredibly fast.”

.Oasis DNA opens at Central Library from Wednesday 2 November

Furmanovsky - who has also snapped the likes of Bob Dylan, Morrissey and Bob Marley - recalls the brother's increasingly Helter Skelter relationship as The Fame took hold.

“There was always creative conflict between Noel and Liam and as people, they are like chalk and cheese – but through it all, there was brotherly love and this shared sense of humour, which helped keep them together.”

The exhibition is dedicated to Noel and Liam's loyal mum, Peggy, who Had The Heart Of A Star and often played peacemaker between her boys. "She was such a source of strength for the band. That's why it's called 'Oasis DNA," says Furmanovsky.

The exhibition at Manchester Central Library is free to enter (so Shout It Out Loud) from Wednesday 2 November until the end of January 2017

Let's just hope Furmanovsky's images aren't Hung In A Bad Place... D'You Know What I Mean?

For more information about Jill Furmanovsky, go to www.rockarchive.com/photographers/jill-furmanovsky


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