Want A New Challenge For 2017?

Firewalk for charity with The YMCA

Written by  Alana Sherrard | Follow @COLLECT | Wednesday, 2 November 2016 00:00


WANT to do something extraordinary in 2017? Then join in the YMCA's firewalk challenge. It's a fun, exhilerating event for people who are feeling adventurous and want to put something back into their local community.

The project is a great way to improve the lives of local young people.

The money raised by the event will go to the YMCA's Inspiring Futures project, which helps improve the lives of young carers in Salford. These are young people who have the responsibility of looking after an ill or disabled family member – a tough task at any age, but particularly difficult for a child or teenager.

Young carers can become depressed and isolated, and often miss out on the opportunities available to other people their age. Inspiring Futures builds up their confidence, social skills, and their work-related skills by giving them access to training, work placements and support.

You can help with this life-changing project by taking part in the sponsored firewalk. You'll get full training, and there's a barbecue, raffle and DJ too. It's happening at The Y Club at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester city centre, on Friday 24 March 2017.

There is a £30 entry fee. And of course, you'll need the courage to conquer the coals.

Think you can do it? To sign up please email info@ymcamanchester.org.uk or call 0161 837 3515 and speak to John or Sarah.



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