VIDEO | First Look - The New Junkyard Golf In Piccadilly

B.Eat Street bring their boozy, bastardised version of golf back to Manchester, following a sell-out stint in London

Written by  The Confidentials | Follow @ | Wednesday, 31 August 2016 17:01

IMAGINE creased slacks, the outward nine and a cold Scottish mist licking across the Links – and that’s about as far removed from Junkyard Golf as it’s possible to get.

Junkyard Golf will take up a six month residency at 3 Piccadilly Place from Thursday 1 September

Following their sell-out run in Manchester’s Great Northern Warehouse, and a hugely popular stint in London’s Truman Brewery, the B.Eat Street collective are ready to bring their boozy, bastardised version of the noble sport back to Manchester, with a new home in Piccadilly Place.

Constructed almost entirely of ‘weird shit’ found on eBay during the wee hours, Junkyard 2.0 features two nine-hole crazy golf courses, named ‘Pablo’ and ‘Freida’ (“why not?” is the answer), three bars, one hot dog stand, and a ramshackle cast of beasts, from brawling bears to techno sheep and the notorious Moo-Tang Clan.

Never ones to miss an opportunity for a pun, holes this time around include ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Tribe’ (with Kendrick Lama), UK garage homage, the ‘Car Part-Ful Dodger’, and ‘Do You Think You’re Better Off Alan’, in which players are invited to roll their balls over the face of Alan Partridge.

Junkyard Golf will take up a six month residency at 3 Piccadilly Place (opposite the train station) from Thursday 1 September Tickets are £8 off-peak and £9.50 peak - available here. Open: Mon to Thurs 4pm to 12am, Fri 2pm to 12am, Sat 12am to 12pm and Sun 12pm to 10pm.

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