Salvi's Launch Online Shop

Impress your friends at home with top quality Italian products, delivered to your door.

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Beautiful, authentic Italian pasta - sprinkled with parmesan and a dash of pesto sauce. What’s better than loading up a forkful, twisting the delicate spaghetti into a yummy parcel and popping it into your mouth? Not much, really.

It’s like eating out. But staying in.

Except – wouldn’t it be great to experience that same restaurant-quality food, in your own home, cooked by you to impress your friends?

Well. Now you can.

Salvi's – the home of authentic Italian cuisine – has jumped ahead of other restauranteurs and launched an online shop. This clever idea allows you to gather everything you need (in simple, ready-packed collections) to rustle up your favourite Salvi's dishes in your own home.


It’s like eating out. But staying in.

The store offers the same fresh, deli ingredients served in Salvi's restaurants, which are packed up for you and named by ‘dish’.  Fancy the Trofie Al Pesto? No problem. All the ingredients are bundled together for you.


There’s recipe books available too, pasta gift sets and mouth-watering accompaniments – like panettone and balsamic vinegars. If you feel like sipping some authentic, Italian bubbles – there’s a complementing prosecco on the menu too.

Worried you won’t be able to do it the Italian way? Don’t be. Salvis’ online store offers cookery lessons too. How’s that for the full package?

And the best thing is. No one needs to know.

Invite friends round for a meal, or wow a date with your culinary skills. Just throw away the packaging before you serve up. And if anybody murmurs; ‘Wow, tastes just like the pasta I tried in Salvi's one time…’ – simply nod, smile. And top up the bubbles.

Fancy restaurant-quality cuisine in your own home? Click here to shop.



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