iPetition For London Road Fire Station

Sign up and force the Britannia's hands

Written by  Jonathan Schofield | Follow @ | Tuesday, 20 November 2012 16:05

'THIS is a petition against greed, inaction, cynicism and destructiveness caused by the Britannia Group in regard to the ‘Gateway’ to Manchester, the London Road Fire Station.'

So starts the blast of outrage in an iPetition set up to make the Britannia Group act. The idea is get 750 petitioners (there's already 550 of them) to try and force the hand of the council to issue a fresh compulsory purchase order (CPO). 

Confidential supports the idea although feels it's a shame English Heritage were duped by the Britannia Group on the previous occasion.

As we wrote on 6 March this year: 'As a result of the CPO public enquiry, Britannia made a public pledge to return London Road Fire Station to use as a high quality hotel as soon as possible - with the first phase of work starting three months after the rejection of the CPO.' 

Nothing has been started in the way of conversion. Almost a year has passed.

The Britannia Group, led by Alex Langsam, still prevaricates. They appear to be doing this through some twisted notion of vengeance on the council and thus the City of Manchester generally, for having the temerity to pursue a CPO in the first place. The Britannia Group and Langsam have shown themselves to be completely without honour over London Road Fire station.

The result is that this major landmark and listed building, neighbour of Piccadilly Station and the point of arrival for so many visitors, lies derelict and has done so for the thick part of three decades. 

You can sign the petition HERE.

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