Can You Breakout?

You have 60 Minutes to escape from a locked room using only your brain power and common sense…are you up to it? Are your friends up to it?

Breakout is situated at two locations: on High Street opposite the Arndale Center and on Brazennose Street near the Town Hall. All you have to do is choose your room and book online.

There are 12 different escape rooms to choose from with varying themes and difficulties so there is something for everyone.

It's time to play a game...

Captured – the new 4* Difficulty room at Breakout, High Street

Some people are so ungrateful to be alive. If you survive this room, you won't be. One minute you are leading a normal life, going about your daily business, the next you are captured.

You wake up in an abandoned basement with no idea how you got there. A video begins to play and the clock starts to count down. You have 60 minutes to escape, or your life will end.

Play Captured – the new room at Breakout, High Street.

Warning: This room should not be played if you are easily scared or are playing with children who are easily scared.