New Tasting Symposiums at Épernay

Wednesday 8 February, 6.30pm, £20

It’s safe to say a lot of us like drinking alcohol - but do we really know it? You’ve probably realised by now that prosecco is the drink of the moment, rivalling champagne as the bubbly of choice. Yet few people know the real differences between the two.

The best way to learn? Tasting of course. That’s why we’ve launched our monthly symposiums; entertaining evenings in which you can sample each drink and learn about its history and context.

First up, Wednesday 8 February sees the fight of the fizzes: Champagne v Prosecco. You’ll taste three of each, learn the processes behind them and find out it’s more than just origin that separates the two. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for discussion too.

Symposium costs just £20, six top notch tipples and a great evening included. That’s pretty good value if we do say ourselves...


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Searching for a special present? Epernay now offer gift vouchers.

Available in any denomination, these are ideal for family and friends alike: after all, few would refuse a night of champagne quaffing and cocktail sipping with our nearest and dearest.

You can even buy one for yourself. We wouldn’t blame you...